A/B testing made simple yet powerful

Gone are the days when websites are changed on a whim, based on gut feeling and supposed “best practices”. The era of data-driven, iterative change has arrived.


Learn what your visitors like

A/B testing is synonymous with modern web development. In a simple A/B test, two different versions of a page, an “A” version and a “B” version, are sent to two similar sets of random viewers. This is also known as A/B/n or Split testing.

The A and B versions may be totally different, or may differ only in key areas; for example, the headline, image or call to action.

The goal of an A/B test is to determine which version performs best. Metrics that may be evaluated include email opt-ins, link clicks, bounce rate, or purchases.

Symplify Conversion makes A/B testing easy. To run an A/B test, you need to do these 4 things:

1. Create the “A” and “B” variations. Create different versions of your website using our drag ann drop editor, or hard code your changes in Javascript and CSS.

2. Setup the test. Define which visitors should experience the test and which URLs will be included.

3. Track on-page analytics. Symplify Conversion tracks the actions taken by site users; for example, which links they click, how long they stay on the site, which URLs they visit, how many of them opt-in to an email form, etc.

4. Analyze the results. Once you have data on how the “A” and “B” variants perform, analyze the result and determine which variation should be implemented.

Why A/B test?

  • Learn what works for your visitors
  • Constantly increase conversion rate
  • Increase revenue per visitor
  • Get more recurring customers
  • Benefit from work that is data-driven and iterative
  • Settle internal arguments
  • Test ideas and get insight

What can you A/B test?

  • USP lists

  • Headlines

  • Layout

  • Colours

  • Buttons

  • Calls to action

  • Contact details

  • Shipping details

  • Picture sizes

  • Countdowns

  • Animations

  • Functionality

  • Pricing

  • Hover effects

  • Banners

  • Sticky / non sticky

  • Checkout process

  • Header content

  • Recommendations

  • Above the fold content

  • Fly to cart

  • Testimonials

  • Copy

  • Clarity

  • Trust

  • Branding

  • Payment methods

  • Responsive design

  • Mobile layout

  • Images

  • Design

  • Text size

  • And lots more!

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