Geolocation Ping

Event based geolocational ping allows you to harness the power of Symplify’s multichannel approach, by sending a message based on your customers geolocation.

Be there with Geolocation

With an enabled web or smart phone application, you can now deliver messages to your customers based on their geolocation movements. A classic example of this would be a sporting event, upon entry to the event, you can now use Symplify ping a message directly to the users phone. This can be used in conjunction with the Journey Builder of the Campaign Manager.

Geolocation with Campaign & Journey 

Geolocation Ping sits within the Symplify package. Using Geolocation Ping as a starting event with Customer Journey Builder and Campaign manager, you can drive communication based entirely on where your customer’s location. Perfect for sporting events and physical shop visits.


Personalise from your data

Use your customers’ data to provide completely personalised messaging. Whether it be balance, first name, favourite product, in fact if you have the data saved you can nestle complete personalisation into the messaging.


Create geolocated messages

  • Open Geolocation Start

  • Select or enter address for activation

  • Set when “arriving”, “leaving” or the duration of when the message can be sent.

  • Enabled devices will receive a message.

Protect the integrity of your customers data

In light of the Schrems II ruling and its repercussions on suppliers and software solutions operating on the European market. Stay completely complaint with Symplify.

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