Seeing only half the picture makes for half assed decision making.

From your very first interaction with the customer data begins to pile. At first it’s exciting, you refresh constantly, like your early days of some dating app. But after a while, complacency sets in, a couple of weeks go by and before you know it, you are lost. Let us be your map when it comes to orientating your database.

Data insights

Clickable drill downs of your customers behavior will quickly lead you to what you are looking for. Whether you want to couple A/B test results with post funnel behavior, analyze response data over time, location, customer group, seriously… why was the bounce rate so god damn high on that last send out (pro tip, cause the segment was small and pretty ancient.)? We will empower you as you drill data as never before.

Funnel Visualization

Understanding your funnel pre and post is understanding your customer, it is as simple as that.


The more informed your funnel visualization is, the greater accuracy with which you can create your strategy. We boost the ability to pair pre sign up data (Anonymised of course) with post sign/purchase data, allowing us to connect the dots in terms of customer knowledge. Connecting test and personalisation data with real time CRM data giving you a scope not previously seen when it comes to managing your customers journey. Off the peg customer funnel visualizations put you in control of your messaging strategy.

Get started with Symplify

Don’t just amass data, use to inform and create your digital experince

and communication strategy. Do as many others already are.