Mastering Omni-Channel Marketing Automation

Embrace Simplicity in Message Automation. Symplify revolutionises message automation, making complex tasks simple. Say goodbye to complicated coding. With our intuitive ‘drag and drop’ interface, anyone can be a CRM Technical Expert.


Symplify stands out as the most user-friendly platform, offering seamless omni-channel integration. This means no more frustrating tech integrations that leave your CTO baffled and distant. We’re here to streamline your marketing automation, making it accessible and effective.

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Craft your Customer Journey with ease

Enter the world of Symplify’s Customer Journey Builder, where your marketing visions become reality. Our straightforward interface empowers you to construct an automated customer journey effortlessly. With 10 communication channels at your fingertips, just a click away, you can tailor journey branches based on your customer’s responses. Launch journeys from any point – be it a web or app event. From failed purchases to birthday triggers, we cover it all, enhancing your marketing and automation strategy.

Revolutionise Campaign Management

Bid farewell to guesswork in your campaigns. Symplify’s Campaign Manager transforms how you approach marketing omni channel. Get real-time feedback and let the platform automate your next move. For instance, if a customer bounces, Symplify promptly sends an SMS or Web Push notification. This level of automation for marketing epitomizes how we empower you to refine engagement and customer experiences effortlessly.

SMS Messaging: A new era

Redefine your SMS strategy with Symplify. Our platform brings a new level of sophistication to SMS messaging. Incorporate videos, images, and rich content effortlessly. Our editor shows real-time previews on any device, ensuring your message is perfect. With character count, placeholder, and Unicode functionality, your SMS campaigns will always stand out.

Email Messaging: The reliable ROI booster

Email remains a powerhouse in digital marketing. With Symplify, create dynamic, self-optimizing campaign and transactional emails. From casual marketing updates to crucial order confirmations, our platform ensures your emails hit the mark every time, boosting your marketing omnichannel efforts.

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social media audiences

Social Audience Engagement

Symplify closes the loop with its Social Audience Capability. Directly create Meta and Google audiences within the platform, ensuring your marketing efforts resonate in your customers’ social feeds. This integration is a game-changer in automation marketing, streamlining your social media strategies.

Instant Message: DM your customers

A newly established medium, instant message for businesses-. With consent you are now able to contact your customers via popular messaging apps such as Telegram & Whatsapp. An intimate channel that creates ultimate personalisation.

email messaging
voice calling

Voice Calling: Personalization at its best

Our Voice Calling feature offers unparalleled customization. Create engaging voice communications quickly, triggered by journey rules. This tool extends your reach, adding a personal touch to your digital strategy.

Web & Browser Push:

Timing is everything

Engage customers when it matters most with our Web & Browser Push feature. Set up user experience-based triggers in minutes. Our classic drag-and-drop editor lets you create captivating content swiftly, including video and audio options, enhancing your marketing and automation prowess.

web push
dynamic web

Dynamic Web: Seamless landing page creation

Symplify’s Dynamic Web feature is a game-changer. Effortlessly create campaign landing pages with dynamic, real-time content. This tool ensures message continuity, elevating your marketing omnichannel approach.

Application Push: Dominating mobile screens

Stay on top of your customer’s device screen with our Application Push feature. It’s cost-effective and allows for rich content integration. The easy-to-use editor ensures your app push communications are impactful, aligning perfectly with your omni-channel marketing strategy.

app push

Leverage Open AI for content creation

Integrate cutting-edge AI into your marketing strategy with Symplify. Our Open AI integration works seamlessly across all features and channels, offering content and image creation automation. This addition simplifies your marketing efforts, allowing for more creative and effective campaigns.

Print & Direct mail: The personal touch

In a digital world, print maintains a unique impact. Symplify’s Print & Direct Mail channel boasts near-perfect open rates, offering a sincere way to connect with customers. It’s a testament to the power of a diversified omni-channel approach.

Endless Possibilities with seamless integration

Symplify’s standard integration covers everything from transitional messaging to customer journey building and campaign management. This seamless integration unlocks endless possibilities for your marketing strategy.

Geolocated messaging: Engage on the Go

Symplify’s geolocated messaging enables you to trigger messages in Campaign Manager or Journey Builder based on customer location. Ideal for events or physical store promotions, this feature enhances your customer journey with relevant, location-based communication.

geolocated messaging

Re-route: Eliminate bounce concerns

With Symplify Re-route, bounce worries are history. Addressing bounce issues is crucial, as databases typically lose 6% of addresses annually. Re-route helps you maintain a healthy database, crucial for effective message automation.