Are you sending large volume sendouts?

Comply with Googles new guidelines.

Message Automation.
Drag it. Drop it. Done.

Now hiring: CRM Technical Expert. Requirements? Must be able to drag and drop. Symplify is the single most user friendly platform out there when it comes to message automation. We provide Omni-channel coverage without the need for Omni-integrations, that will make your CTO angry and even more unapproachable.

Customer Journey Builder

The Symplify Journey Builder is where your ideas and strategies come to life. An elementary interface provides you with the building blocks of your automated customer journey. 10 Channels of communication are available for you add at a click, create journey branches based on entirely on your customers response date. A journey can be launched from any starting point you like, if it happens within your web or app, you can start a journey. Failed purchase, frustration click, birthday, geolocation trigger, you name it.

Campaign Manager

Say goodbye to hit & hope. Gone are the days of just “sending something” out. Symplify Campaign Manager feeds back in real time, informing your next action which the platform then automates for you. For instance, customer bounces? Symplify can automate an SMS and Web Push send out asking for the customer. An elementary yet powerful example of how you can automate key elements of engagement and customer experience.

SMS Messaging

Rich content keeping you at the top of every SMS inbox. SMS has been revolutionised, join the revolution. Video, image and rich content as standard. An editor interface gives you a real-time recreation of how your SMS will look on any device, character count, placeholder, Unicode functionality, and much more

Email Messaging

The workhorse still delivering the best ROI out there. Create campaign and transactional emails, dynamic and self-optimizing content available on demand.Whether it’s a causal bi-weekly marketing missive or a vital shipping order confirmation, we guarantee you that you’ll get the tool you need to construct your vital email communication exactly as it should be done, right

Social Audience Capability

Close the loop with the Social channel. Create Meta and Google audiences in the platform to confirm or re-affirm your marketing efforts in your customers social feeds.

Web & Browser Push

Capture the essence of good timing by engaging your customers at precisely the moment they need it most. Stuck on a payment page? Looping while browsing for a product? You can set up triggers within minutes based entirely on user experience. The classic drag and drop editor means you’ll be creating engaging content within minutes. You can even house video and audio content in the message editor.

Voice Calling

Completely customizable and highly personalised, our Voice builder allows you to create engaging physical communication within minutes. At the click of a button, and the completion of a journey rule,  a call can be placed to your customer, allowing you maximum reach.

Application Push

The cost effective mobile channel that puts you on top of the customer’s device screen. House full rich content in your App Push on demand. Easy to use, our app Push editor puts you in control of simple to set up mobile application messaging. You can steer and design your app push communications, with the click of a button.

Dynamic Web

A landing page builder that enables you pump out complete message continuity. Starting a campaign? Simply create your own campaign landing page with fully personalisable and dynamic content, rendered in real time.


Stop worrying about bounce with Re-route 

With Symplify Re-route you can make worrying about bounce a thing of the past. With the average database losing 6% to bouned addresses yearly, can you afford not to address your bounce problem?

Auto generate content with Open AI

Each feature and channel is fully compatible with our Open AI integration meaning that, should you so desire, you can power your content creation and image creation with Open AI. Simple

Geolocated messaging 

Trigger messages within Campaign Manager or Journey Builder based on your customers physical location. Perfect for large sporting events or brick and mortar shop visits.


Seamless integration means endless possibility

Both of these features are part of the standard integration from Symplify. You will be able to manage your transitional messaging, customer journey builder and campaign manager.

Print & Direct Mail

Dismissed at the rollout of electronic messaging, print has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. The channel with an almost “100%” opening rate, gives you the opportunity to reach your customers in the most sincere and engaging way.