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The Only SMS Provider You Will Ever Need

SMS has become a central pillar of the digital marketplace. Considered ultimately a much more intimate channel than, say email, or app push, the SMS is regarded as the perfect channel to ensure absolute communication. Our easy to use SMS editor sits equally at home as a trigger or part of your marketing campaign plan.

Rethinking the SMS inbox.

An editor interface gives you a real-time recreation of how your SMS will look on any device, character count, placeholder, Unicode functionality, and much more. Send delivery statistics on demand give you a real-time overview of any SMS send out. Standard, Unicode, or rich content, the choice of format is yours. From a simple text message to a video. There is only so much one can convey with 160 characters. Want to communicate with, or update, your customer on the fly? What better way to do so than sending a SMS leading to dynamic rich content?

With Symplify, you can use onboard dynamic landing pages to keep your message personal while still using the strengths of SMS as a prioritized channel.

This adds an extra dimension to the SMS that in some cases with its simplicity will work on its own and in other cases you give a deeper experience with a unique personalized landing page.

Enrich your sms with a dynamic web landing page.

Mobile-first communication.

SMS is the channel when it comes to mobile device delivery. Due to the uniqueness of SMS, its reliability as a communication channel is practically unrivaled. Symplify SMS is, of course, available in the classic automation trigger setting, activation, validation, password re-set, two-step login, etc. Your mobile marketing communication strategy can also be broadened with the introduction of campaign SMS.

“Intuitive system and excellent consultant team”

Several departments within our organization use Symplify on a daily basis. The system is intuitive and easy to use – and with several automated flows a smooth process is very much appreciated.

If any obstacles or change is needed a highly efficient and skilled consultant- and support team will sit by to help you out. Being a small Marketing department Symplify also counts as our ‘extended hand’ which gives us the security we are always looking for in a partnership.

Jenny Gaffner, Marketing Manager

Part of the Symplify Marketing Cloud

SMS is just one of 9 communication channels that can be seamlessly connected to your marketing automation. Build relevant and emotional relationships with your customers today using Symplify’s Infinite Journey Builder.

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