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The Only Voice Tool You Will Ever Need

Voice messaging can be one of the most effective channels you can access during your customer’s lifecycle. Follow up directly with a direct robocall. 

Just a phone call away.

The voice channel has nosed in front of a crowded digital space. Auto calling is nothing new particularly unusual, however, when used in collaboration with engaging content, it can lead to an enhanced product experience. A robocall can be used to improve customer service and brand identity simultaneously. 

A direct line to your customers. 

Completely customizable and highly personalised, our Voice builder allows you to create engaging physical communication within minutes. At the click of a button, and the completion of a journey rule,  direct mail will be sent home to your customer, allowing you maximum reach.

Part of the Symplify Marketing Cloud. 

Voice is just one of 9 communication channels, like Email and SMS, that can be seamlessly connected to your marketing automation. Build relevant and emotional relationships with your customers today using Symplify’s Infinite Journey Builder.

“Intuitive system and excellent consultant team”

Several departments within our organization use Symplify on a daily basis. The system is intuitive and easy to use – and with several automated flows a smooth process is very much appreciated.

If any obstacles or change is needed a highly efficient and skilled consultant- and support team will sit by to help you out. Being a small Marketing department Symplify also counts as our ‘extended hand’ which gives us the security we are always looking for in a partnership.

Jenny Gaffner, Marketing Manager

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