An Artificial helping hand. Propensity and prediction that halves your workload and doubles your profits.

AI is the term that everyone loves and fears simultaneously. We create a seamless harmony between the Symplify user and the machine learning that gives you the edge in an ever crowded space. Our AI is completely bespoke, and gives you the edge from day 1

Proven performance of AI

Symplify AI features are specifically tailored for the iGaming, Retail and Fintech industries that uses AI to optimise marketing (through content personalisation, on top of bonus, CRM and affiliate analysis) and operations (through customer sentiment analysis and problem gambling prevention). On top of the machine learning algorithms, Symplify provides in-depth reporting so that the users can take insights and make decisions on their data. Symplify is a turnkey solution with a data infrastructure built natively for maximising the performances and outcomes of AI and Machine Learning processes.

Average Turnover

Per active user increased by 19% monthly.

Bonus Cost

100k USD saved per month

Average Deposit

Avg deposit amount increased 23.43% per active user

Lifetime Value Prediction

LTV Prediction not only allows you to predict a customer’s LTV for different time periods such as 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. This is paramount when estimating ROI for future marketing campaigns, or for deciding how much to reward (in order to retain) customers.

Churn Prediction

Churn Prediction not only predicts whether and when a customer  is going to become inactive, but also suggests what to do if a client is about to or has already become inactive. Propensity is based here at Symplify on the doctrine of it being easier (read more cost effective) to prevent something than to cure it.

VIP Identifier

Symplify identifies potential VIP players before they hit or miss your existing segmentation thresholds. The vital insight here being, do they have VIP potential? Anyone can browse a customer card and say “hmmm big customer”, but to be able to actively contribute to the creation of that customer, to nurture them, that provides real ROI. We also provide a full protocol of  why a player could turn into a VIP.

Chat Analyser

Thorough analysis of the language used by customers in their communications with your live chat and support, we provide insights into customer base sentiment thus allowing you to act quickly and anticipate solutions in real time.

Early Fraud Detection

The solution utilises Symplify’s ultra personalization module, applied directly to the web or app asset, its efficiency is born out of the fact this is executed algorithmically, meaning that should fraud be alerted to, the site or app’s appearance will seamlessly hide withdrawal/checkout options, troublesome game or product titles and additional promotional offers.

GDPR: We protect you as you protect the integrity of your customers data

In light of the Schrems II ruling and its repercussions on suppliers and software solutions operating on the European market, we have worked tirelessly to provide our customers with a solution that is safe, reliable, and GDPR compliant.

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