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The easiest to use App Push platform is part of the award-winning Marketing Automation suite from Symplify. Ask for your free demo today.

“With a few clicks, we made sure critical communications were in place”

Symplify, with it’s agile drag drop journey builder, meant that with a few clicks, we made sure critical communications were in place and fully automated from day one of a customers life cycle.”

– Arno Selvini | Head of CRM

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The Only App Push Tool You Will Ever Need

Your smartphone application maybe your critical point of sale,
or a complement to an existing web or physical-based product. Wherever it sits in your product portfolio, never underestimate the power of application push messages or app push..

Ease to send easy
to receive.

Easy to use, our app Push editor puts you in control of simple to set up mobile application messaging. You can steer and design your app push communications, with the click of a button. The classic drag and drop editor means you’ll be creating engaging content within minutes. You can even house video and audio content in the message editor.

The push message
is your shop window.

Speed equals success when it comes to capturing the essence of good timing by engaging your customers at exactly the moment. App push enables you to leverage product awareness and placement at exactly the right step of the customer journey. Use app push to promote your marketing content, restart a sales process of spread important product updates..

Part of the Symplify Marketing Cloud.

App Push is just one of 9 communication channels, like Email and SMS that can be seamlessly connected to your marketing automation. Build relevant and emotional relationships with your customers today using Symplify’s Infinite Journey Builder.

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