No, we do much more than that…

Future proof whatever you choose to call it. Your competitors are… CRM. Marketing Automation. AI. Conversion Testing. Consumer Data Insights. That’s a lot of name calling when you could simply say Symplify.

*89% of visitors don’t even scroll. Run with the crowd? Why don’t you read on before you…

Do you have problems pulling your data into a coherent CRM strategy? Of course you do, every marketeer does. That’s why we are here…

How will you use Symplify?

Symplify is the Engagement Ecosystem that enables you to interpret and act on every single signal your customer gives you. Once you have a handle on how your customer behaves, our AI and machine learning will empower you to build and test an omni-channel communication strategy to move them from passive purchases to brand loyal people. Every one of your customers is on a journey, so manage their customer journey with care. Visualise every step of the customer funnel, send communication effortlessly via multi-channel.

No Code Automation

No code omni-channel automation means getting your journey and campaign flows working without needing any code knowledge whatsoever. The intuitive Symplify interface allows you to build multi-channel web & message flows, and deploy them live just as you envisage them.

Behaviour & User Insights

Behaviour and user insights visibility means better knowledge. Better knowledge means better decision making. With Symplify you can view a customer’s journey from the very first visit. Drill down dashboards enable you to build targeting and segments around customer behaviour that will power your CRM strategy with data driven precision.