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We’ve been in NGO’s for 20 years. We live it and breathe it. From humble beginnings, we have built up a portfolio of hundreds of NGO customers.

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Why choose Symplify for your NGO CRM?

Why do we give? What’s the science behind it? What does it take a one-time donor to move over to a monthly donor? We’ve worked with prominent NGOs and Charities for years, and we know which communication strategies work when it comes to building a rewarding and emotional relationship with your donor base.

Omnichannel communication cloud

Every single prospective donor has a preferred method of communication. Email, SMS, App Push, Browser Push, Web Push, Dynamic Web, Social, Print and Voice. Nobody offers more than we do. No need for fiddly 3rd party integrations. Simply log in to Symplify and you can start working on your dataset. Every single channel feeds back seamlessly to the donor profile, so you know what’s sent and to whom.

AI & Churn Prevention as standard

We will be constantly optimizing your messaging so you won’t have to. Our self-optimizing journey builder will consistently enhance your ROI via engagement and conversion metrics. Churn Prevention keeps the risk of dormant donors at bay, alerting you at an early stage so you can be decisive in churn combating operations.

An integration to suit your team

We don’t only boast the easiest implementation in the business, we’re certain we have the quickest. We can guarantee you will be communicating with your donar database within 30 days of signing your contract. Choose from Rest API, SFTP or one of the many Message Brokers.

Symplify has been amazingly easy to work with.

Thanks to Symplify’s print function, we can easily add postal mailings.

Symplify is user-friendly, and its features are cutting-edge.

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Project Manager & Responsible
for Data-Driven Marketing

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MA Specialist

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Product Manager &

The Non-Profit Playbook

The Guide to Unlocking Your Donor Base Potential

This playbook will help you unlock the full potential of your donor base through conversion optimization and donor engagement automation. We will show how non-profits can leverage donor insights and omnichannel donor engagement to acquire new donors and increase contributions from existing donors.

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