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Whether you want to supercharge your marketing automation with Symplify Communication or turn your site into a growth engine with conversion testing with Symplify Conversion.

Symplify Communication

Symplify Communication is an enterprise messaging personalization, multichannel, and marketing automation platform, renowned and appreciated by over 600 global customers in entertainment, iGaming, and e-commerce for its elegance and ease of use.

  • One editor for eight channels
  • Reports and stats to impress every analytical mind
  • Out-of-box GDPR compliance
  • Advanced and user-friendly Journey Builder for all your automation processes and customer flows across all channels and much more.

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Symplify Conversion

Symplify Conversion is the suite gives you instant real-time A/B testing and conversion analytics of your live site, including heatmaps, user behavior, and a complete, fully editable version of your live site.

  • A/B testing, multivariate testing & funnel testing
  • Heatmaps, surveys, and session recordings
  • One single script for optimal performance
  • Find your conversion leaks and fix them seamlessly in one tool and much more.

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