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The Fintech & Banking sector has been a cornerstone of Symplify’s growth. When you are transaction heavy, make sure your customer does not get lost in your communication strategy.

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Why choose Symplify for Fintech & Banking CRM?

Integrity. Simply put, we are all too aware of expectations placed on the banking sector from customers and legislators alike. Banking has drifted into areas of being more product based, however the transition is just not as simple as another product that does not typically involve finance. Say hello to the single CRM Ecosystem that provides you with 10 channels of communication. Razor-sharp real-time integration. Churn prevention and AI automation as standard. Customer lifecycle planner. Cohort analysis and segmentation. Geolocation campaign starts and Onpage AI personalisation. Deliverability guarantees for both Email & SMS.

Omnichannel communication cloud

Email, SMS, App Push, Browser Push, Web Push, Dynamic Web, Social, Print and Voice. Nobody offers more than we do. No need for fiddly 3rd party integrations. Simply log in to Symplify and you can start working with your customer base. Every single channel feeds back seamlessly to the customer profile, so you know what’s sent and to whom.

A full stack testing suite

We power Symplify Conversion and offer a full stack CRO agency to aid your growth through testing. Get access to AB Testing, Personalisation, Visitor Recordings, Funnel Testing, Heatmaps, Surveys and much more. No time to test? Then let our in-house agency step in and mastermind your growth plan.

An integration to suit

your team

We don’t only boast the easiest implementation in retail & ecommerce, we’re certain we have the quickest. We can guarantee you will be communicating with your customers within 30 days of signing your contract. Choose from Rest API, SFTP, DataHub or one of the many Message Brokers. Multiple POS supported plus bespoke integration

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