Every Customer. Every Journey. Always.

Symplify Journey Builder allows you to design and automate unlimited customer experiences. Enhancing your critical overview of the Customer Life Cycle. You will have a portfolio channels to match the your customers needs.

Using our simple drag-and-drop interface, businesses can quickly and visually map personalized journeys that will lead to conversions and meeting your business goal.

Why Is It Important?

Customer journeys have proven to increase conversion by driving higher engagements. Customer journeys allow for a better customer experience. Through journeys, businesses can deliver personalized and relevant messaging at the very right moment, all in real-time.

How Does It Work?

Journeys are initiated by a customer’s activities, behaviour, or profile. Once triggered, journeys offer your customers different paths based on their decisions and behaviour. Our platform is open and flexible. You can even integrate your existing tools to work with Symplify Journeys. Events are fully automated and are triggered in real-time.

Limitless Multi-Channel Experiences

Symplify makes it easy and allows you to scale customer journeys to meet all your business needs. Using the no code interface you can plan your customer journeys and have them live with multi channel communication and customer data feedback from the first step.

Easy To Start & Unlimited

To get you started quickly, Symplify offers many out-of-the-box journeys.

You can also create your own customized journeys. Journeys can be simple or as complex as you want. You can have as many journeys as required. The options are limitless.

Multi-channel Experiences

With Symplify, you can combine up to 6 different channels such as email, sms, and web-push to deliver the ideal user experience.

Customer Insights

The Journey dashboard allows you to observe and test your customers’ behaviour as they go through the different paths.

By analyzing your journey’s performance, you can refine the journeys to meet changing customer behaviours.

GDPR : Nous vous protégeons tout comme vous protégez l’intégrité des données de vos clients

À la lumière de l’arrêt Schrems II et de ses répercussions sur les fournisseurs et les solutions logicielles opérant sur le marché européen.

Stop worrying about bounce with Re-route 

With Symplify Re-route you can make worrying about bounce a thing of the past. With the average database losing 6% to bouned addresses yearly, can you afford not to address your bounce problem?

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