Increase conversion rates with the help of visitor recordings

Visitor recordings (also known as session recordings and user recordings) allow you to record and replay actions as users navigate through your website. Our suite of tools empowers you to record sessions, analyse data, and optimise the user experience, helping you boost conversions like never before.

Understand how visitors interact with your website

To record Website visitor is like having a secret window into your users’ interactions with your website. With Symplify, you can effortlessly capture mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling actions, gaining a deeper understanding of your visitors’ behaviour.

Learn more about visitor recording in our latest blogpost Visitor Recordings: Understanding User Behavior

Unveil user behaviour in real-time

Have you ever wondered how visitors interact with your website? Visitor recordings allow you to witness real-time user interactions as they navigate through your site. It’s like having a virtual tour guide through the intricate maze of your web pages.

Spotting obstacles and bugs

Identifying obstacles and issues that hinder user engagement is paramount. Our recording tools help you pinpoint those frustrating moments when users get stuck. Whether it’s misleading copy, unclear instructions, or broken elements, we’ll help you find and fix them.

Understanding real user behaviour

Understanding your users’ actual behaviour is the key to improving your website. With Symplify’s visitor recordings, you’ll gain insights into how users move through your site. This knowledge allows you to optimise crucial parts of the visitor journey, ultimately improving your conversion rates.

Deep dive into website elements

Are you tired of speculating about what users click on, where they focus, or what they ignore? With Symplify, you can dive deep into how key elements of your website are used. Say goodbye to guesswork and start making data-driven decisions to enhance your user experience.


Learn more about visitor recording in our latest blogpost Visitor Recordings: Understanding User Behavior

Why Visitor Reccordings?

  • See how people truly interact with your website

  • Gain invaluable insights on how you can improve the user experience and increase conversions

  • Discover bugs and/or other issues

  • Look for patterns of irrational user behavior

GDPR: We protect you as you protect the integrity of your customers data

In light of the Schrems II ruling and its repercussions on suppliers and software solutions operating on the European market. Download our guide. 

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