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You are not treating your game and sports lobbies with enough respect. How do we know this? Because nobody is. What happens if you don’t give users a completely tailored web experience? You leave revenue on the table.  Symplify’s Onpage AI rewrites the customer experience handbook.

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How does it work?

If customers find what they are looking for, or see content that is highly relevant, you will prolong their lifetime and fuel their buyer intent. Symplify combines the best of both worlds, powering an AI product recommendation engine and the On-Site graphical optimization, that empowers you to craft product pages that provide a unique and highly relevant experience for your customers.  


The genius of this feature not only rearranges the product pages providing a propensity edge for viewing customers, it also includes onboard technology that allows for graphical manipulation geared toward testing different layout strategies to optimize the conversion rate on your already AI-driven product recommendations.


Symplify recommendation engine is a truly AI-driven solution, moving away from classic rule-based non-dynamic recommendation engines. The algorithm will continually optimize your customer’s most relevant product selection.

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