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The Only Print Tool You Will Ever Need

Direct print messaging can be one of the most effective channels you can have access to during your customer’s lifecycle. 

Reach your customers physically. 

Print at one time dismissed at the rollout of electronic messaging has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. The channel with an almost “100%” opening rate, gives you the opportunity to reach your customers in the most sincere and engaging way. With the use or onboard QR code generator, you can loop your print direct mail back into your customer’s digital journey. 

Post communication in the digital age

Completely customizable and highly personalised, our print builder allows you to create engaging physical communication within minutes. At the click of a button, and the completion of a journey rule,  direct mail will be sent home to your customer, allowing you maximum reach. 

Part of the Symplify Marketing Cloud.

Print is just one of 9 communication channels, like Email and SMS that can be seamlessly connected to your marketing automation. Build relevant and emotional relationships with your customers today using Symplify’s Infinite Journey Builder. 

Arno Selvini - Star Stable

“With a few clicks, we made sure critical communications were in place”

Symplify, with it’s agile drag drop journey builder, meant that with a few clicks, we made sure critical communications were in place and fully automated from day one of a customers life cycle.”

Arno Selvini, Head of CRM

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