Switching phones and trying to retain your original WhatsApp account used to be trickier than an entry exam to an Ivy League college. Obviously, that’s all been sorted to run seamlessly now, but back in the day it could be somewhat of a headache.

Everyone once in a while probably have problems logging in to a new device since it is almost impossible to remember all passwords nowadays. When tried everything and close to give up, that option to be called up and have a robovoice recite the PIN can be the best feature ever!

Even if the Voice feature is no new technology, this smart solution is often not the first that comes into ones mind. SMS or an email always seams more sufficient, one just copy the verification code (again largely automatic these days) and off you go. But if that does not work, how helpful is it not to get an old school call. It’s the type of functionality that works perfectly for ones parents’ generation, who insist on writing everything down. It’s reassuring in a funny way. Everyone can take a call.

So where does a call or Voice fit into your marketing automation? It’s a powerful channel in the sense it could be perceived as a little overwhelming, if incorrectly used that is. The voice solution has an important role to play, no doubt, but it is one of the more intimate, and if misused, obtrusive channels, that is why it is critical to use it well and properly.

Here’s a couple of examples when it would be completely appropriate to contact a customer via telephone.

Say you’re logged into your bank’s site getting a mortgage quote or opening a pension, these are big things, something you tend to research a fair bit before pulling the trigger. Even when you are on the site, you tend to back away for that final click, it’s human nature to be wary of something that entails a large commitment. What a perfect time to trigger a call to customer? Call them up and offer them the opportunity to speak to a mortgage or pensions advisor?

Or perhaps a customer has a gift card that is about to expire within 24 hours, all other channels have been tried to no effect, so why not call them? You have 18 hours left to redeem your card, press one for an sms with directions to the nearest outlet. Sure you could argue the shop could let the gift card expire, but that’s the fatal mistake so many companies make, hold separate CRM and customer service, they should be one of the same. With channel choice they become one of the same.