Let’s keep this one short and sweet. Simply because relevant communication should never be complicated! Black Friday is here and will leave again as fast as it came and for that brief time everyone is probably drowning in emails, sms etc. Follow these simple steps for eternal glory. Well, at least for a day or two.

1. Use your data

Put an immediate end to bulk send outs of all sorts. Use the knowledge you have about your  customers to create individual communication with focus on relevance.

2. Preferred channel

Ensure that you are communicating in the preferred channel for each of your customers. Not only does this increase interaction but it also shows consideration and respect for one’s integrity.

3. Frequency

Be smart. Make your point.

Aim to create communication that is going to make the everyday life easier for your customers. Don’t overdo it. Think quality before quantity.

4. Do not play hard to get

Make your communication easy accessible. Adjust your content, composition and typography in newsletters and websites. Do not only look to responsivity, look to the behaviour of your recipients as well.

5. Create content that is worth reading

Focus on wowing your customers and recipients. Treat them as royalty and earn their attention. That way, you build their loyalty and trust.

We simplify creative communication!

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