BIG day for great deals and the kick off before that stressful Christmas shopping. You’ve probably prepared for this for quite some time. All you need to do now is get the itsy-bitsy parts in place and you are ready to sit back and enjoy the shopping frenzy that awaits.So, how can you maximize your customers experience during Black Friday? We have a few tips and tricks for you right here!

✔️ Keep it simple

Now this is as important as it is true. Your customers are being bombarded on any regular day and this day in particular.

So make it easy for them to choose you and whatever it is you are offering; complete sets of clothes, tools, beauty products or whatever awesome stuff you are supplying. Think more in the lines of « Pick size », « Pick color » regarding your CTA’s, instead of « Buy now ».

✔️ Is personal data irrelevant?

The data you have is useless! – or is it?

Make use of your accumulated data. What have your customers been shopping lately? For instance, if one customer bought shampoo yesterday, offer that specific customer a great deal on other related hair products.

Do you have a preference center where your customers can tell you more about them? Good, put that information to use.

Are you able to access the historical behaviour from your customers, such as previous purchases or site behaviour, so that you can create offers based on what you know about your customers habits? Fab, you’re almost there.

This is a perfect opportunity to use the knowledge you have of your customers to offer something relevant and stand out in the crowd of competitors that fight for your customers attention.

✔️ Delivery – the weakest link?

Online shopping is not only here to stay, it’s growing by the minute.

So, for your Black Friday campaign, don’t forget to give your customers a heads up regarding delivery times as chances are – they may have to wait for that “oh so fantastically priced” product they just purchased.

So, if you’re not already adding delivery information to your order confirmation, maybe you should – just this once. Follow up and ask your customer if they received the order. This may also be the perfect timing to ask for a review.

In the perfect world every delivery are the next day kind, but as it is today the one thing you can truly control is the communication with your customer.

Clarity is key!

✔️ An offer they can’t refuse?

Are you running a campaign that is outstanding and deserves that EXTRA! EXTRA! attention? Think outside the box. The inbox, that is. Use another channel to make your message stand out in the crowd. Use a SMS for those customers who are always on the fly, Inapp for those who are browsing your site, Voice will get you through the ether and Print – well – that will probably do the trick for those who like to hold something other than a laptop that folds.

Regardless of channel, Symplify can help you make the most out of your Black Friday campaigns!


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