Complete Compliance Out Of The Box.

Even with Schrems II.


Make your company’s compliance officer happy.

The recent European Court ruling in relation to the Privacy Shield has laid bare what is a lack of GDPR compliance if you are relying on the American Cloud Services to handle your customer’s personal data. With Symplify, our servers for your customers personal data are wholly European owned and located. So one less compliance headache for you. Read more about the Schrems II ruling.

GDPR Compliance as standard. 

Out-of-box GDPR compliance, enabling you to stay on the right side of the line with regulation. Execute your Marketing Automation with confidence. Contained within your start-up is a fully configurable compliance module that will give you out-of-the-box protection, ensuring that you remain compliant and well within the laws and norms of your jurisdiction. 

Send approval

Get a feedback loop on what is being sent and set up by the symplify users at your company with Send Approval. This onboard function simply sends the intended content to decisions makers before being sent to your customer base, in that way the decision-maker can make a final sign-off on the sendout. 

GDPR Configuration

Use the easy-to-understand interface to dial in your settings for your particular industry, we will do the rest. Minutes to set up, you can ensure that you and your customers receive peace of mind for the get-go. 

Contact automatization

In short, you can delete at any time all of the data pertaining to a particular customer, should you be requested to do so. No-fuss or reach out needed. You can exercise your responsibility seamlessly by simply selecting the customer in question for deletion. 

Opt-out handling

Customers want to opt-out from promotional material but have access to their transactional communications and receipts? No problem. With Symplify’s soft opt-out handling, we will ensure that you can offer your customers a completely tailored experience when it comes to your communication with them.

“Intuitive system and excellent consultant team”

Several departments within our organization use Symplify on a daily basis. The system is intuitive and easy to use – and with several automated flows a smooth process is very much appreciated.

If any obstacles or change is needed a highly efficient and skilled consultant- and support team will sit by to help you out. Being a small Marketing department Symplify also counts as our ‘extended hand’ which gives us the security we are always looking for in a partnership.

Jenny Gaffner, Marketing Manager

GDPR: We protect you as you protect the integrity of your customers data

In light of the Schrems II ruling and its repercussions on suppliers and software solutions operating on the European market. Download our guide. 

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