Become a Symplify Accredited Partner

The Symplify Accredited Partner program is for companies working in Web and digital communications. As a Symplify Accredited Partner, you will enhance your relationship marketing skills and easily implement marketing automation into your marketing strategies and, most importantly, increase your sales and customer ROI.

3 reasons to become a Symplify Accredited Partner
1. Increase your recurring revenue
2. Develop your marketing automation skills
3. Improve your customers’ performance

Through Symplify Accredited Partners program, we aim to develop a network of experts who have mastered the Symplify platform. At Symplify, we are frequently looking for recurring collaborators in various fields (project management, account management, email integration, development, etc.) to support the Montreal team in our current and future projects.

We are also looking to build a network of collaborators with related expertise. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities at Symplify, which is why we like to work with partners who specialize in fields related to creative marketing and communications. We’re always on the lookout for specialists to work with our customers.

You fit the profile? Fill out the form and a Symplify member will contact you shortly to share upcoming Symplify Accredited Partner information sessions.

Our partners


Padam is a firm founded in 2012 by Guillaume Catusse. Guillaume strongly believes in a different way of accompanying brands, with a focus on customer relationship. We share important values with this partner such as good listening, conviviality, loyalty and presence when it counts! They support customers from Quebec to South West France, from North America to Europe.


Varibase is an agency specializing in marketing performance via CRM and digital. Founded in 2001 in France, they moved to Montreal in 2007. Eric Azara and his team have mastered the art of customer engagement and marketing automation. Their strength lies in knowing how to make your data speak. As a Symplify partner for several years, Varibase will guide you in building your strategies and support you in your technological choices to develop your customer relationships. Their strategic expertise, combined with the technical expertise of our customer engagement platform, enables us to rise to the various challenges and launch powerful offensives. With Varibase, we’re not afraid of challenges!

Code Marketing

Code Marketing is a young company specializing in digital performance and 360 media. Whether your objectives are to position your brand, increase awareness or generate sales, Code Marketing will develop a tailor-made strategy for you. The team works with agencies, SMEs and larger companies on their digital deployment, but especially on calculating their ROI. Symplify is proud to have Code Marketing as one of its valued partners.


Axial is an agency based in Sherbrooke specializing in digital marketing and Web development. Their goal? Boost the performance of e-commerce websites. Symplify has been working with Axial on a variety of projects, and we’re delighted with the collaboration. The Axial team creates high-performance digital experiences that help convert potential leads into customers. They build multichannel digital marketing strategies that put companies in front of the right audiences, in the right place, at the right time.


With over 15 years of experience, Beslogic is a Montreal-based company that develops digital products, custom software, personalized and integrated artificial intelligence (AI) models, as well as web and mobile applications. Its team of over fifty experienced developers, data scientists and AI experts designs and develops diversified multi-sector digital solutions to optimize and simplify business processes. Raising the level of technological innovation while breaking down barriers between people: that’s what motivates Beslogic. So it’s no surprise that Symplify wanted to collaborate with this dynamic, open-minded team!


Netfolie is a multidisciplinary interactive agency based in Montreal, specializing in website and application design. The team also develops creative campaigns that deliver results and build brand awareness. Whether creating a new e-commerce site or redesigning an existing one, Netfolie provides a full range of design and development services, including custom programming, graphic design, web content and marketing strategy.