We are changing our name to Symplify!

For almost twenty years, we’ve simplified and enabled digital 1:1 communication. We’ve been around since before marketing automation became a buzzword and the reason we know that, is that we were the first company to automate flows for our customers. Only back then, we called it “event driven marketing”.

When we started out, digital communication was in its early stages. Over the years we’ve worked tirelessly, together with our customers, to create what today is known as a market leading marketing automation cross-channel communication platform (longest sentence ever, we know :- ).

As of today, we are officially changing our name. This has been something we have worked on for quite some time as we have, over the years, operated under a variety of names and brands from our offices around the world.

Our success comes from working closely with our customers, developing features that are tuned to their needs, thus ensuring that Symplify keeps delivering an agile and powerful experience for all marketers and crm teams out there.

Our why is derived from an understanding that everyday work should be simple, inspiring and empowering, which is why our vision is to simplify creative communication.

We have always aspired to provide our customers with a “simple to use, yet plenty features under the hood” kind of platform. With our new name Symplify, we believe it embodies our vision, our platform and our services.

Our new name changes nothing and yet everything. Our platform still remains the same for now, however – we have some fantastic features ready to launch in the near future.

And don’t forget to step into our #worldofsymplify