Visitor Recordings

Utilizing Visitor Recordings

Visitor recordings (also known as session recordings and user recordings) allows you to record and replay the actions of your users as they navigate through your website. By capturing mouse movements, clicks and scrolling across pages you will get a deeper insight into the actual behavior of your visitors.

Find obstacles, issues and bugs.

By observing where users get stuck you will identify elements that are confusing and frustrating to the user as they experience it. These obstacles that keep the user from progressing can be both technical and informational. This will help guide you to misleading copy, unclear instructions and broken elements.

Get a better understanding of real user behavior

By viewing the actual behavior of your users you will be able to see how they navigate and interact with your website. You will be better able to pinpoint crucial parts of the journey which you then can improve on in order to optimize your conversion.

Find out how users interact with specific elements on your website

Go in-depth into how key elements on your website are used. Stop speculating about what users click on, where they focus, what they skip over and which section they spend a lot of time on. By using real data you can identify opportunities to improve and start making impactful changes.

Why Visitor Recordings?

  • Website visitors expect personalized experiences 2020
  • Visitors are more likely to come back to a website that knows their needs
  • Personalized content generates more revenue and a higher conversion rate
  • Change your website in ways that is not possible or easy in your cms

What can you personalize?

  • USP lists
  • Headlines
  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Buttons
  • Call to actions
  • Contact details
  • Shipping details
  • Picture sizes
  • Countdowns
  • Animations
  • Functionality
  • Pricing
  • Hover effects
  • Banners
  • Sticky / non sticky
  • Steps in checkout
  • Header content
  • Recommendations
  • Above the fold content
  • Fly to cart
  • Testimonials
  • Copy
  • Clarity
  • Trust
  • Branding
  • Payment methods
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile layout
  • Images
  • Design
  • Text size
  • And lots more!

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