Customer Journey mangement just got smarter.

Symplify Journey Builder allows you to design and automate unlimited customer experiences. Enhancing your critical overview of the Customer Life Cycle. You will have a portfolio channels to match the your customers needs.

Using our simple drag-and-drop interface, businesses can quickly and visually map personalized journeys that will lead to conversions and meeting your business goal.

Infinite Journey Builder

How Does It Work?

Journeys are initiated by a customer’s activities, behaviour, or profile. Once triggered, journeys offer your customers different paths based on their decisions and behaviour.

Our platform is open and flexible. You can even integrate your existing tools to work with Symplify Journeys. Events are fully automated and are triggered in real-time.

Why Is It Important?

Customer journeys have proven to increase conversion by driving higher engagements.

Customer journeys allow for a better customer experience. Through journeys, businesses can deliver personalized and relevant messaging at the very right moment, all in real-time.

Journey conversion

Limitless Multi-Channel Experiences

Symplify makes it easy and allows you to scale customer journeys to meet all your business needs. Using the no code interface you can plan your customer journeys and have them live with multi channel communication and customer data feedback from the first step.

Web Push

Easy To Start & Unlimited

To get you started quickly, Symplify offers many out-of-the-box journeys.

You can also create your own customized journeys. Journeys can be simple or as complex as you want. You can have as many journeys as required. The options are limitless.

App Push

Multi-channel Experiences

With Symplify, you can combine up to 6 different channels such as email, sms, and web-push to deliver the ideal user experience.

Customer Insights

The Journey dashboard allows you to observe and test your customers’ behaviour as they go through the different paths.

By analyzing your journey’s performance, you can refine the journeys to meet changing customer behaviours.

What our customers say

Arno Selvini - Star Stable

“With a few clicks, we made sure critical communications were in place”

Symplify, with it’s agile drag drop journey builder, meant that with a few clicks, we made sure critical communications were in place and fully automated from day one of a customers life cycle.”

Arno Selvini, Head of CRM

“The best Marketing automation and CRM tool available”

Symplify has made it possible to manage full customer lifecycles and marketing automation without the need for big CRM teams.Very simple to learn without any prior crm, technical or html knowledge. Great UX with logical steps and everything easy to find.

The Expertise pages give full guidance on everything with simple step-by-step and video instructions.The Symplify Email editor is by far the best, you can drag and drop and build a beautiful email in just minutes.

Malou Neguembor, Head of CRM, Zodiac Technologies

“Intuitive system and excellent consultant team”

Several departments within our organization use Symplify on a daily basis. The system is intuitive and easy to use – and with several automated flows a smooth process is very much appreciated.

If any obstacles or change is needed a highly efficient and skilled consultant- and support team will sit by to help you out. Being a small Marketing department Symplify also counts as our ‘extended hand’ which gives us the security we are always looking for in a partnership.

Jenny Gaffner, Marketing Manager

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